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Jessie Arms Botke 1883-1971


Buying, Selling & Consignments of

Jessie Arms Botke Paintings!



Selling a Jessie Arms Botke painting is an easy process...

Please give us a call or send us an email with a description of what you have for sale...its really that easy!


  • Next the gallery would like to see images (photos) of the artwork -- photos of the front, back, signature, any inscriptions, titles or labels are very helpful. Sometimes we can meet you at a location convenient to you so that we may view the painting in person.
  • Please submit ALL Jessie Arms Botke paintings for consideration regardless of condition, we understand that most vintage paintings show wear and tear to one degree or the other -- even paintings with significant damage may still have considerable value!
  • Please share with us the interesting history behind your painting, it is fascinating to us that each painting has a story to tell -- was it purchased directly from the artist, was it purchased at a gallery, did it descend in the family?
  • Payments are quick and discreet..we are flexible in our payment arrangements.

We look forward to hearing from you...


Jessie Arms Botke Gallery